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This is simple. Because we’re changing the industry while empowering knowledge. We’ll be the new leader, promoter and set industry standards for the national market. 
We understand the internal and external challenges we face every day, as well as the complexities of importing marks that drastically influence domestic profiteering.
Our goal is simple. Provide the best quality fish and fish products while most importantly achieving this goal with budget friendly prices that will please all.
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Please allow me to explain...

May name is Daniel Bates, founder of Steelhead Springs LLC

Nelson Mandela said it the best when he said

"Our children are the rock on which our future

will be built, our greatest asset as a nation."


Thanks to poor environmental management performed by money motivated lobbyists and politicians, we the people once again are left to pay the bill. Because greed has relied on the natural environment for all these years, many say that by the year 2030 we will run into food shortages. Those who have food will have less, those who have less will go hungry and those who are hungry will parish at a much faster rate than that of today.  


The entire ecosystem is complex and in sync like the central nervous system in the human body. If one system fails our body goes into repair mode. If two systems fail our body goes into shock. Every person on this planet has an impact on the environment, now its our job to restore what we have depleted!

We all are responsible for our own actions, we must first identify the problem before we can begin to solve it...

This idea was born the day when we found out what poisoned my mother. My mom suffered from a health condition which could only be obtained by direct ingestion of Mercury (Hg). We spent several years fighting by her side to prolong her life. It was her idea not only to expose the truth about her illness but to provide a better and healthier option for the people. She called it the solution to world hunger. Unfortunately, we were too late to help her due to the severity of her illness. In the early hours of August 26, 2015 my mom lost her battle with brain cancer. As we sat there and watched her heart take its last beat, a large portion of us went with her. From watching her battle her illness, going in and out of chemo-therapy, to seeing her smile each and every day made me a stronger person. My biggest regret in life will forever be that I wasn't able to provide my mom with the opportunity to see our dream Steelhead Springs come to life.
This is WHY this means more to me than just profiting money…'s about the legacy that we leave behind for our children to follow.

She would always tell me that nothing is impossible, "I gave birth

to you, didn't I?".

Fresh Water Import Map-sized.jpg

Prior to 2014 maps like these were blocked from public viewing. The United States imports fish from all over the world but mostly from undeveloped countries for their economic gains. The United States accounts for 1% of the world production and we rely on 97% of the world's fisheries for our supply demand. At one point in time, the United States was the largest food manufacturing country in the world. Unfortunately most chose to profit more by reducing production costs by outsourcing production and manufacturing. This is the era which I call the outsourcing era, we willfully and gracefully outsourced the majority of our food production to 3rd world countries. In the last 30 years only a handful of food manufacturers still remain in the United States and completely control its production from creation to distribution.


We are surrounded by greed, we're intentionally misinformed and deliberately lied too by these corporations. Over the course of last several years I've acquired hundreds of documents showing these deliberate actions. Unfortunately, this is not just a local problem. This is a country wide epidemic that starts with how the fish are being farmed.
If I may ask you for your honest opinion. 
In the picture below you will see two orange fillets of Salmon. Before scrolling further down, can you answer a question?
Try to be honest. When comparing the two salmons fillets, can you spot the organic fish from non-organic?
no price or label.jpg

Do you have your selection? LEFT or RIGHT?

Are you sure?

What made you pick this fillet?

This time how much did the product label have to do with your decision making?

price label.jpg

How did you do?

Did you guess correctly? Did you come out on top?

What if I told you that both of these fillets are in fact the same fish that's farm raised in Chile, South America.


Labeling is the responsibility of an overworked, underappreciated, underpaid, tired hourly employee. All labels are stored in one drawer and all fish is labeled according to the best of their knowledge. How often do you think they make mistakes? How often do you think their forced to intentionally make mistakes?

The hard truth is that all fish that we eat is farm raised. These corporations spent millions of dollars a year misleading the public to make a product seem something it is not. 

Wild caught fish is classified as fish that was caught by an individual in a large body of water. It does not describe the actual truth about it because the fact is the fish is caught by an individual but from a floating pen that in a large body of water.

We’ve heard terms like FRESH, Wild Caught, NEW, Special but today there is a new term being used (Product of USA). Product of the USA does NOT actually mean that this product is from the United States, however this is exactly what they’re trying to imply and promote. All Products of USA “All” or “virtually all” means that all significant parts AND processing that go into the product must be of United States origin. Because the fish is imported from Afghanistan and it reaches our borders whole but than is processed to fillets, now these fillets can be sold on the FRESH market as Products of USA. 

We here at Steelhead Springs Fish Farm say this is wrong!

In my expert opinion I strongly believe this is the reason why farm raised fish have

a bad reputation. The fish are grown in polluted waters and contaminated environments

which requires... and in fact demands continuous chemical intervention to sustain the

fish life. Fish are fed daily antibiotics to prevent the fish from rotting and dying away. Inevitably, all these poisons enter our bodies which we have a hard time metabolizing, 

then in due time causes multiple health issues.

This what happens to our bodies chemical composition when we ingest poison.

For example, one of the most mislabeled fish in the United States is Tuna. The same

tuna we all eat in sushi restaurants. More than 90% of all tuna in Sushi restaurants

is not tuna but another species called Escolar. 

In this image two Sushi grade pieces

of meat are prepared. One is Escolar and the other is Tuna. One retails for $1.75/lb and other for $19.99/lb.


Can you spot the difference?


Consumers trust their restaurants and grocery stores, who then trust their distributors who in-turn trust their suppliers and so on and so on. Somewhere along the way someone lies to someone but ultimately "we" the consumers are the ones who pay the price.


I hope your price isn't as high or as steep as the price my mom paid.

Just imagine, what if...

Another misconception when it comes to fish market is the use of two terms.


Term "Fresh" only describes the state the fish is in and not quality. Fresh means   "NOT FROZEN". When you're in line at your local grocery store you see the display showered with fresh labels. In reality all this means is that the fish isn't frozen at that time. 


Term "Wild Caught" is also misused as well, so please follow me for a minute to explain how wild caught is impossible.


There is 350 million people who live in the United States today. National statistic data created by FDA states that 27% of the United States residence eat fish two to three times a week. Nutritional Factor calls for two pounds of weekly fish intake for a proper diet. This means 94 million people eat fish two to three times a week which is about 200 million fish meals per week or about 10.4 billion fish meals per year. Each meal per weight accounts for one half of a fish. Each year there is a demand for 5.2 billion pound of fish. This number is split 50/50 between fresh and salt water fish. In this example I will use Rainbow Trout. Rainbow Trout accounts for 24% of sales. (Math: 5.2 billion pound / half  =  2.6 Billion pounds of fresh water fish) (Math: 2.6 Billion pounds of fresh water fish, 24% accounts for Rainbow Trout = 624 Million pound of Rainbow Trouts.) In 2016 FDA recorded a 60/40 ratio between farm raised and wild caught Rainbow Trouts. Farm = 60% = 374,400,000 pounds and Wild = 40% = 249,600,000 pounds. In year 2016 FDA recorded 249,600,000 pounds of wild caught Rainbow Trout was sold. 249,600,000 / 365 day in a year = about 684,000 sold every days.


Where on this planet can someone catch 700,000 pounds of Wild Rainbow Trouts every day?

THE TRUTH IS: There is too much gray area in the laws which these greedy institutions and individuals use to legally violate the law to trick us, the consumers!

With all this said, it can be done the right way!

I dedicated the last 5 years of my life to this project. I developed, engineered and assembled the best production plant I could with the utilization of modern technology.

new fish art.png

With the utilization of modern technology and our engineering along with our thirst for success to better our community an organic like fish farm can be built the correct way.

Let me show you the future of farming.

Steelhead Springs Fish Farm

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