Our mission is to provide the finest quality fish directly to consumers that are organically grown using eco-friendly practices inside the only indoor self-sustaining water-conserving zero-emission fish farm located in the United States.

Steelhead Springs LLC is the solution that Daniel engineered for the community to amass growing issues across the world in an industry that can be very misleading, untrue, and extremely harmful to humanity. His vision is to provide the public with a healthier higher-quality fish by creating a sustainable, eco-friendly organic fish farm. We all see and hear about the horror stories of bad and neglectful fish farming. In many cases, it takes decades to uncover and document neglectful farmers. Greed drives a good farmer to become a bad farmer. Penny pinching healthy ingredients to swap for cheaper and more toxic ingredients puts the public at risk.


Whether you are at a restaurant or at a grocery store, do you really know where the fish you purchased comes from? Some say farm-raised, others say wild-caught. But does it actually tell you the specifics of where that fish came from, what it ate, the quality of life it had before it appeared in front of you, and the number of times it was frozen and thawed? Sadly, the majority will not know the answers and there will be others that truly do not care.


Fish absorb and store toxins in their muscle tissue, all of which are toxic to us humans. Sometimes these toxins can be cooked out but the fish looses all of its nutritional value. Traditional farms are designed to abuse and completely decimate the natural habitat of a river/creek eco system. Steelhead Springs Fish Farm aims to change this by eliminating the use of any toxins as well as eliminating the natural water usage. Our system completely recycles and reuses 100% of the water.

Mislabeled fish is also not a myth, it’s a reality and can create serious health risks, including conditions that may even be fatal. 60% of the world’s seafood consists of cheaper fish being sold as a more expensive alternative. Health and safety risks occur because consumers are unable to make informed purchases of certain fish products to protect themselves against these risks based on the product label.


With these growing issues, the Bates family has found a solution, not for the whole world, but at least for their community. Unfortunately for Daniel Bates, it’s more than just finding a solution, for him it hit home. His mother paid the ultimate price with her life because of these dishonest retailers mislabeling their products and farmers becoming neglectful in order to collect a paycheck. 

Steelhead Springs was born the day when Daniel found out what poisoned his mother. His mom suffered from a health condition that could only be obtained by the direct ingestion of Mercury (Hg). He spent many years fighting by her side to prolong her life and it was her idea not only to expose the truth about her illness but to provide a better and healthier option for the public. Unfortunately, he was too late to help her due to the severity of her illness. In the early hours of August 26, 2015, his mom lost her battle with brain cancer. As he sat there and watched her heart take its last beat, a large portion of him died with her. From watching her battle her illness, going in and out of chemotherapy, to seeing her smile each and every day made him become stronger person and put him on the course of turning his dream into reality.

He set a goal to build this farm here in the vicinity of his home town of St. Charles, Illinois. He researched and designed the best possible building marvel that will utilize all possible organic materials while operating with renewable fuel sources. The idea is to build an environment for the fish as natural just like Mother Nature would have done it on her own. With the assistance of some 21st-century engineering and equipment, he is able to replicate and duplicate a natural habitat of each specific fish species. He can then enhance the environment by eliminating any and all biological pathogens harmful to fish by continuously filtering the water. Water temperature will be kept at the ideal range to keep fish active and constantly in predator mode. Water flow will be changed and adjusted hourly to provide better filtration post-feeding but most importantly to provide exercise for the fish and eliminate fatty tissues. All of the fecal matter will be filtered out and removed from the biological filters. The fecal matter will be processed down and converted into organic fertilizer. We will then recycle the water through our greenhouse and grow organic produce. Daniel designed the farm in a way that would generate zero-emission. Steelhead Springs Fish Farm will be one of the first self-sustained fish farms in the world.


Daniel vision is not to produce fish and stockpile. The fish will always be harvested to order and will be alive and swimming until such time comes to harvest the fish, this way all customers can rest assured that their fish purchased from Steelhead Springs Fish Farm is always fresh.

Steelhead Spring Fish Farm has a simple goal. Provide the best quality fish at a most affordable price possible. By eliminating all the middle distributors we can pass the cost savings down to all.