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Welcome to Steelhead Springs Fish Farm: The Vanguard of Organic Aquaculture

At Steelhead Springs Fish Farm, led by innovator and patent holder Daniel Bates, we are redefining the standards of aquaculture. Our farm is a beacon of sustainability, utilizing a closed-loop system that is both water-efficient and zero-emission. We take pride in our revolutionary approach to cultivating premium quality fish in a controlled, indoor environment. Our practices are rooted deeply in organic and eco-conscious methodologies, ensuring that every fish delivered from our farm to your table is of the highest quality.

A Personal Journey: Battling the Risks of Methylmercury

The inception of Steelhead Springs LLC was driven by a deeply personal story. Gordie Bates, Daniel's mother, faced a rare brain cancer, a plight linked to prolonged exposure to Methylmercury (CH3Hg+), a potent neurotoxin. The EPA along with American Cancer Society has highlighted the severe risks associated with Methylmercury, known for its damaging effects on the nervous system. Clinical research indicates that extended exposure to this toxin can result in significant neurological and cognitive impairments, especially harmful to developing brains. Methylmercury is commonly found in contaminated fish, posing a substantial risk by potentially impairing motor and sensory functions and, in severe cases, causing life-threatening conditions.

Gordie’s medical journey, beginning with a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, led her to incorporate fish rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids into her diet. Unfortunately, her consumption of fish contaminated with Methylmercury led to a devastating diagnosis of a meningioma brain tumor in 2011.

Steelhead Springs LLC: A Commitment to Mercury-Free Fish

In response to this tragedy, Daniel Bates established Steelhead Springs LLC, with a mission to provide safe, mercury-free fish. We aim to offer a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids devoid of the heavy metal contamination that plagues traditional sources. Our commitment is to sustainable, health-conscious aquaculture, guaranteeing our products are free from Methylmercury dangers.

Zero Exposure to Methylmercury: Our Aquaculture Promise

Our unwavering commitment at Steelhead Springs LLC is to provide fish grown in environments with zero exposure to Methylmercury. This initiative, supported by Dr. Mehmet Cengiz (Dr. Oz) and Beth Lowell of Oceana, was solidified through our comprehensive analysis of local grocery retailer fish samples. These studies, conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center, revealed Methylmercury levels between 1.70 and 4.26 µg/g, alarmingly above the safe threshold of 0.1 µg/g and the high-risk level of 1.0 µg/g.

Legislative Impact and Consumer Empowerment

Our findings led to a significant legislative change in partnership with former Illinois State Senator Mark Kirk and endorsement by former Governor Bruce Rauner. A bill mandating clear origin labeling of fish in grocery stores and retailers was passed, a testament to our research and advocacy. This legislation empowers consumers with vital information about their fish purchases.

Revolutionizing the Seafood Industry

Steelhead Springs Fish Farm stands as a leader in the seafood industry, heralding a shift towards a healthier, more transparent food system. We are committed to providing consumers with fish rich in essential fatty acids, completely free from Methylmercury contamination. Our ethos is aligned with health and environmental responsibility, ensuring a safe, nutritious, and sustainable option for our customers.

Steelhead Springs Growout Tanks
Elizabeth Showcasing our Trout
Steelhead Springs Fish Samples
Steelhead Springs LLC sample photoes
Steelhead Springs take on Fish and Chips
Steelhead Springs filets
Steelhead Springs sample dinner display
Steelhead Springs Fresh Raw Trout Delicacy Sandwitch

My mother was more than just family; she was my rock, my unwavering support through every challenge. Always there for me, she had an unparalleled way of bolstering my spirits and keeping me grounded. Her departure from this world on August 26th, 2015, left an irreplaceable gap in my life. In her honor, I made a resolute vow: to fulfill our shared dream with every ounce of strength I possess. If it means taking on the entire burden myself, so be it. I am committed to building this vision, to show the world that sustainable, safe, and economically viable aquaculture is achievable.

This endeavor is more than just about supplying high-quality fish; it's a tribute to her legacy. With the support of organizations like the World Food Programme (WFP) and the United Nations (UN), our ambitions are boundless. Our mission extends beyond domestic shores – we aim to contribute significantly to eradicating global hunger.

Realizing such a monumental goal demands not only hard work and dedication but also the vision and investment of those who dare to dream big. It requires the commitment of someone who sees the world not just as it is, but as it could be – perhaps an enlightened, philanthropic individual who understands the power of investment in changing lives. Their support, even in the form of bitcoins, could be the key to turning this aspiration into a reality, a fitting tribute to a mother who always believed in the power of perseverance and hope.

Steelhead Springs LLC inspiration
Steelhead Springs LLC First to represent the Logo
Steelhead Springs LLC First to represent the Logo, she loved her shirts
Steelhead Springs LLC First to represent the Logo, even at her worst, she was always smiling!
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