Our mission is to provide the finest quality trout, fertilizers, and greens to consumers that are organically grown using eco-friendly practices inside the only indoor self-sustaining water-conserving zero-emission fish farm located in the United States.

Steelhead Springs is a solution that Daniel developed for their community to a mass growing issues across the world in an industry that can be very misleading, untrue, and extremely harmful to humanity - fish farming. His vision is simple, everything must change! 


Most Americans don’t eat fish every day. This is because prices of fish has tripled over the last decade. Dietary requirements say that we all should eat at least 2 fish meals a week to help our bodies function properly. It's beneficial to eat fish more then two times a week however, now due to its prices and toxicity levels the public is being told to limit the fish consumption. The EPA and FDA have addressed methylmercury exposure averaged over a week’s time. The “safe” dose of methylmercury for any given person is the RfD multiplied by the person’s body weight in kilograms, then by 7 (to convert daily dose to weekly dose.) For example, a 60-kilogram (132-pound) woman’s safe weekly dose is (0.1 microgram of methylmercury per kilogram of body weight per day) x (60 kilograms) x (7 days) = 42 micrograms of methylmercury. Fish that comes from a clean environment that grew to adulthood in pristine clean and clear water have zero micrograms of methylmercury in its tissue.


Fish absorb contaminants such as PCBs, PBDEs, dioxins, chlorinated pesticides from water and sediments, all of which are toxic to us as humans. The fertilizers we use to have the greenest grass end up in our waters, then in our streams which lead to our rivers and oceans, which have caused amass disturbance in the fish industry. 


Mislabeled fish is not a myth, it’s a horrible reality that creates serious health risks, including conditions that will be fatal. 60% of the world’s seafood/fish consists of cheaper fish being sold as a more expensive alternative. Health and safety risks occur because consumers are unable to make informed purchases of certain fish products to protect themselves against these risks based on the product label.





This project is extensive and expensive. Age of COVID-19 presented us with construction material prices being out of this world. Materials that usually cost us pennies, now have turned into dollars. Things that cost hundreds of dollars, today they cost thousands of dollars. The farm construction was originally projected to take 9 to 16 months, due to government shut downs and licensing delays the construction was delayed. Today I can say that we are back on track and on schedule.


Our fish stock has been steadily growing at a Native American Tribe in Washington State called Spokane Tribe. Rainbow Trout need 3 years to sexually mature our brood stock will be ready on time.

In the mean time while the construction was delayed we focused our efforts in exposure and communication with vast amount of clinical organization thought the United States.

* In 2019 Daniel contacted Home Depot headquarter in Atlanta Georgia with a proposal. Steelhead Springs fish farm is in the fish farming business. The by-product of the fish farm is fish fecal matter. 1OZ of raw digested unprocessed fish fecal sample dilutes in 5 gallons of water. Watering vegetables with 1 ounce of mixed solution every 12 hours supplies water and organic fertilization for 10 plants for 30 days every 12 hours. Phosphate type of a fertilized is recommended only once a month due to its dangerous properties. You can't over fertilize with our 5-1-1 organic fish fertilizer. Home Depot requested a 90 sample growth test to verify our claims. Home Depot was impressed so much that they requested an exclusive supply with an optional licensing agreement with a copacker.  

* In 2020 year Steelhead Springs received an invitation from the United States military to create a sample of three fish options for the military MRE (Meals Ready-to-Eat). I'm happy to announce a former decorated US Army general contact me to congratulate us on the successful execution. Shortly after we received a purchase order to supply 500,000 MRE packages dated September of 2023.

* In 2020 Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) began a national campaign and domestic research on food and its impact on our bodies immune system post covid-19 exposure and contraction. They did not know how processed foods affected people post COVID-19 infections and treatments. In a study conducted at our local University of Illinois in Chicago a research was presented where over powering a digestive system with naturally enriched foods and vitamins can inhibit severe symptoms of the Coronavirus. Currently a process in our green house that was summited to the University of Illinois showed promising results and clinical study has been on going. Steelhead Springs was been recognized as the pioneer of the food process delivery of over-vitaminizing a human body without the use of medicine. 

* April 2021 we received a call from the Spokane tribe explaining that our fish is growing healthy and big, in fact its growing so big that we must dilute our stock. Due to COVID delays we were supposed to receive our fish inventory by fall of this year. However that has been pushed back and the space that was allocated for the fish to grow to young adults has been exceeded. I looked for research foundation and came across ALS association that was funding a research at John Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland. The study was focused on the inhibiting factors and properties of Omega 3's and 6's on ALS patients. Due to high methylmercury contents in the fish the fish was never viewed as a viable option for a solution. Daniel immediately established communication and offered help. Daniel supplied his wealth of knowledge about the fish contamination as well as the research he conducted on contaminated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and their vigorous fuel like property to diseases. October 2021, ALS research association issued Steelhead Springs LLC a clinical trial research grant.

* We have been featured in numerous news outlets. We have been interviewed by high ranked news papers and health magazines. Most recent interview that we had was by a high school student and a junior investigative reporters from a local high school.

Click Here: Knnit published an article about Steelhead Springs and how we started!

*This is an article written by a student at a local high school:

Steelhead Springs LLC: A fish farm that managed to erase methylmercury poisoning from the fishing industry


Methylmercury is formed when mercury circulating in our surroundings dissolves in water bodies around us. It slowly makes its way up the food chain and accumulates in many organisms, especially thriving in marine ecosystems. The hazardous effects of methylmercury were noticed by researchers when they started affecting human health. Studies have shown that a large percentage of mercury in human bodies is due to fish intake.


The toxicity of this poisonous mercury compound directly translates into an array of fatal diseases in human beings. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to methylmercury increases the risk of several neurological and behavioral disorders.


Methylmercury poisoning has been studied as a potential cause for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS. It is not news that elevated mercury levels in ALS patients primarily originate from the consumption of mercury-contaminated fish and shellfish. Apart from this, stillbirths in pregnant women, breast cancer, and brain tumors can also be among the harmful side effects of methylmercury poisoning.


Many times, fishing industries mislabel fish products for economic benefits. This kind of fraud, done to make extra money, imposes strikingly pernicious health implications on its consumers. These adverse effects have resulted in the loss of countless lives around the globe.


Steelhead Springs LLC was born from one such heart-wrenching incident. Daniel Bates, hailing from Saint Charles Illinois outside Chicago, created this company soon after his mother passed away. The cause of her illness was methylmercury poisoning from eating mislabeled fish from a local grocery store. Daniel’s compassion for this industry, with an aim to prioritize human health, has led his company to thrive. Let us find out how he did it.


His research on the fresh fish market was responsible for the changes in the FDA food regulations. He petitioned states and several politicians to trace the location of all the places supplying fresh fish to the markets of the United States. By doing this, light was cast on the fraudulent tactics and manipulative business deals of many retailers.


His company, Steelhead Springs LLC is now devoted to improving the quality of farming and mitigate such irresponsibility’s that can fatally harm human health.


His fish farm uses his robust patented filtration technique that includes state of art technology and greenhouses organics to filter water, making the living environments of the fishes pristine and clear as their natural habitats. This makes his fish farm bio-secured from all contaminates and consequently, removes any traces of harmful substances such as methylmercury. The fish feed constitutes their own proprietary engineered feed made from soybeans and prepared inhouse.


This technology invented by Daniel Bates holds the power to change the course of this industry. Its efficiency has attracted several eminent people such as Elon Musk and his Musk Foundation, who offered to provide Steelhead Springs with backup power storage towers. Several retail giants have also penned down exclusive contracts for their fish and organic fertilizers.


The contributions of Steelhead Springs LLC do not end here! Only a few months ago they have been approached by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and their research teams, as their pisciculture formula has been successful in stopping the full absorption and progression of COVID-19 in its first and secondary stages. Last year, they received a preliminary agreement to supply proteins to the military with the 'Meals Ready-to-eat' division of the US military. They wish to delve deeper into such services.


However, this is just the beginning of this journey for Daniel Bates and Steelhead Springs fish farm. He aims at paving the way on a global basis, for methylmercury-free fish, through his revolutionary engineering techniques and formula. He wants to provide fish directly to the consumer, directly from farm to table.

Unfortunately, with the huge price hikes due to COVID-19 we still need help. Money is the name of the game and we are open to hear your offer. It's a tax wrote off!

If you are interested in helping us, please call/text Daniel Bates at (630) 430-8806 or by company email at DanielBates@SteelheadSprings.com

Please contact us if you have any questions.