Our mission is to provide the finest quality trout, fertilizers, and greens to consumers that are organically grown using eco-friendly practices inside the only indoor self-sustaining water-conserving zero-emission fish farm located in the United States.

Steelhead Springs is a solution that Dan and his family found for their community to amass growing issues across the world in an industry that can be very misleading, untrue, and extremely harmful to humanity - fish farming. Their vision is to provide their community with a healthier higher-quality fish by creating a sustainable, eco-friendly organic fish farm. We all see and hear about the horror stories of bad and neglectful fish farming. In many cases, it takes decades to uncover and document neglectful farmers.


Whether you are at a restaurant or at a grocery store, do you really know where the fish you purchased comes from? Some say farm-raised, others say wild-caught. But does it actually tell you the specifics of where that piece of fish came from, what it ate, the quality of life it had before it appeared in front of you, the number of times it was frozen and thawed? Sadly, the majority will not know the answers and there will be others that truly do not care.


Fish absorb contaminants such as PCBs, PBDEs, dioxins, chlorinated pesticides from water and sediments, all of which are toxic to us as humans. The fertilizers we use to have the greenest grass end up in our waters, then in our streams which lead to our rivers and oceans, which have caused amass disturbance in the fish industry. 


Mislabeled fish is also not a myth, it’s a reality and can create serious health risks, including conditions that may even be fatal. 30% of the world’s seafood consists of cheaper fish being sold as a more expensive alternative. Health and safety risks occur because consumers are unable to make informed purchases of certain fish products to protect themselves against these risks based on the product label.


With these growing issues, the Bates family has found a solution, not for the whole world, but at least for their community. Unfortunately to the Bates family, it’s more than just finding a solution, for them it hits home. Their mother paid the ultimate price with her life because of these dishonest retailers mislabeling their products and farmers becoming neglectful in order to collect a paycheck. 



Steelhead Springs was born the day when we found out what poisoned our mother. Our mom suffered from a health condition that could only be obtained by the direct ingestion of Mercury (Hg). We spent several years fighting by her side to prolong her life and it was her idea not only to expose the truth about her illness but to provide a better and healthier option for our community. She called it the solution to world hunger. Unfortunately, we were too late to help her due to the severity of her illness. In the early hours of August 26, 2015, our mom lost her battle with brain cancer. As we sat there and watched her heart take its last beat, a large portion of us all died with her. From watching her battle her illness, going in and out of chemotherapy, to seeing her smile each and every day made us become stronger people and put us on the course of turning our family dream into reality.


We set a goal to build this farm here in the vicinity of our home town of St. Charles, Illinois. We researched and designed the best possible building marvel that will utilize all possible organic materials while operating with renewable fuel sources. The idea is to build a project like Mother Nature would have done it on her own. With the assistance of some 21st-century engineering and equipment, we are able to replicate and duplicate a natural habitat of each specific fish species. We can then enhance the environment by eliminating any and all biological pathogens harmful to fish by continuously filtering the water. Roof panels will have special reflectors built in to utilize sun and its UV rays to enrich the water even more. Water temperature will be kept at the ideal range to keep fish active. Water flow will be changed and adjusted hourly to provide better filtration post-feeding but most importantly to provide exercise for the fish and eliminate fatty tissues. All of the fecal matter will be filtered out and removed from the biological filters. The fecal matter will be processed down and converted into organic fertilizer. We will then recycle the water through our greenhouse and grow organic produce. We designed the farm in a way that would generate zero-emission. We will be one of the first self-sustained fish farms in the world.


Our plan is not to produce fish and stockpiles. The fish will always be harvested to order and will be alive and swimming until such time comes to harvest the fish, this way all customers can rest assured that their fish purchased from Steelhead Springs is always fresh. Post-processing all customers will have the ability to select whether or not they want their fish frozen or thawed on the spot in order to preserve the nutrients.


Our goal is simple. Provide the best quality fish and fish products but most importantly to achieve this goal with budget-friendly prices that will please all.




This project is expensive and lucrative. The farm construction will take between 9 to 16 months to construct, and it will take 9 to 12 months to grow fish to market size. Working capital also had to be included in the overall amount necessary to hold before the project can begin construction.


However, we are pleased to say that up to date (December 1, 2020) we have collected 90%.


All investors and contributors are good, hard-working, and honest people. Each investment was custom-tailored to each investor, each investment is not the same as another. However, they all share one common goal and that is that they believe in our vision and want to help us succeed. We have also secured a United States Federal Grant which is on a non-returnable agreement.

Unfortunately, we still need to raise as close to $400,000 or more to start construction and are asking for your help.


We created two options for you to choose from:


Option 1 - Interest Loan Investors


This program is tailored for the busy individuals who like to park their money for a designated period of time and cash out shortly after. No attachments, no risk just profits. We can guarantee double the returns on investment of $250,000 or less with a 5 year term loan.

If you are interested in option 1, please call/text Daniel Bates at (630) 430-8806 or by company email at DanielBates@SteelheadSprings.com

Option 2 - Profit Sharing Investor

This program is customized for those individuals who want to be more hand on and want to be part of the change. This investor is guaranteed a annual profit sharing income. Percentage of profit sharing is determined by the amount invested. Minimum investment is $50,000 and can be increased in increments of $25,000. Up to date, maximum amount available is $400,000.

If you are interested in option 2, please call/text Daniel Bates at (630) 430-8806 or by company email at DanielBates@SteelheadSprings.com

All Investors:


When the construction begins all investors will receive a live webcam link to our farm. You as an investor will have the ability to navigate through our modern CCTV system to monitor the complete construction build-outs, as well as the farming process. You will be the only people allowed access to our CCTV system to monitor these activities. This is one of my ways of saying thank you. You will always be able to click on the link and see us in action.

Please contact us if you have any questions.