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Steelhead Springs is in the business of growing high quality fish and high-quality produce. Because we are farming fish, we have the luxury of choosing how we process and sell our fish. We will focus our sales on local retail outlets like grocery stores, restaurants, and our private market retail store. Because of how Steelhead Springs is engineered, the way we harvest our stock differently than other farmers. Since we are not tied to any environmental or industrial bonds, we do not have to harvest stock once a year, and our policy is to keep the fish alive until such time that the fish is due for delivery. This form of harvesting and keeping fish fresh is unheard of today from any farmer of any industry.

Once the order is received, the harvest order will be placed. We want to time everything perfectly to ensure the customer receives fish within an hour from the harvest.

Our processing department has state of art equipment that promotes safety and the preservation of the fish meat quality. We use high water pressure to clean and cut our fish. If requested by customers, we will cryogenically freeze the fish for long distance shipping. All orders will be fulfilled locally, and all fish will be delivered rapidly to ensure freshness. All customers are welcome to see for themselves how we harvest and process orders. I want to market transparency as much as I want to grow healthiest fish possible. I welcome the public and anyone who wants to come to see our farm for themselves.

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