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How Steelhead Springs Works

Innovative Aquaculture: The Steelhead Springs Difference


At Steelhead Springs, our core business is cultivating premium quality fish and produce. Our unique position as a fish farm affords us the flexibility to tailor our processes and sales strategies. We aim to concentrate our sales efforts on local retail channels, including grocery stores, restaurants, and our exclusive retail outlet.

What sets Steelhead Springs apart in the global market is our innovative approach to harvesting. Unlike traditional farming practices bound by environmental or industrial constraints, our method allows for continuous harvesting. We adhere to a policy of keeping our fish alive until they are ready for delivery, a practice that is virtually unparalleled in the industry today.

When an order is placed, we initiate the harvesting process, meticulously timed to ensure that our customers receive the fish within an hour of harvest. This commitment to freshness is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our processing department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, prioritizing both safety and the preservation of the fish's quality. We utilize high-pressure water systems for cleaning and preparing the fish. Upon request, we can also employ cryogenic freezing techniques for long-distance shipments. All orders are fulfilled locally, and delivery is expedited to maintain the utmost freshness.

Transparency is as integral to our operation as the quality of our fish. We openly invite customers and the public to visit our farm and witness firsthand how we harvest and process our orders. This open-door policy underlines our commitment to not just producing the healthiest fish possible, but also fostering a transparent and trustworthy relationship with our clientele and community.

Farm entrance

From Farm...

Steelhead Springs hatchery
Transfering and grading fish in the farm is important
Only harvesting what you need is preservation of sustainability Table!

Fresh Raw Rainbow Trout a Delicacy Sandwitch
Rainbow Trout fillet, slightly cooked skin side down and prepered with fresh spring salad
Steelhead Springs take on Fish and Chips
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