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Steelhead Springs Fish Farm
Rainbow Trout of Washington
Rainbow Trout Brood Stock Ponds
One Year Old Rainbow Trout
A Organic Farm Raised Fillet with Organic Feed
2 Year Old Rainbow Trout
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Our mission is to provide the finest quality Trout, fertilizers, and greens to consumers that are organically grown using eco-friendly practices inside the only indoor self-sustaining water-conserving zero-emission fish farm located in the United States.

Steelhead Springs LLC Logo


Coming, summer of 2024 we expecting to have out first harvest. Our fish will be harvested per order. Ensuring true fresh from "Farm to Table".

Steelhead Springs LLC Sustainability


Sustainable products to be produced in our state-of-the-art facility located in Kane County, Illinois, USA.

Steelhead Springs LLC Fertilizer


Instead of discarding fish by-products, we are committed to repurposing them into nourishing fertilizers suitable for various garden types.

Steelhead Springs LLC Organic Products


Our fish, fertilizers, and greenery is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or other artificial agents.

Steelhead Springs LLC Greens


Through our water recycling process, we'll supply our greenhouse with essential nutrients, for the growth of premium greens.

Steelhead Springs LLC Clean Energy


Our primary energy source comes from solar panels, and the power distributed throughout the building operates on a 12V DC system.

From Indoor Stream to Supreme Cuisine: Pioneering the Path to Be Your Premier Farm-to-Table Fresh Fish Authority.

Steelhead Springs Rainbow Trout
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