Steelhead Springs was a vision that my family and I set forth to provide for our community and markets  a healthier fish. Every day we see the horror stories of bad and neglectful farming. In many cases it takes decades to uncover and document neglectful farmers. It took me almost 7 years to document and unravel the Ponzi scheme of fish farming. Like real magicians they make you focus on one hand while the other hand is busy behind doors making life altering decisions without our knowledge.


I’m sad to say that my mother paid the ultimate price because of these dishonest retailers and neglectful farmers. Greed is and always will be their only drive and no human life will ever be worth more than a stack of cash in their bank account. Just think how many people have died because of the food that we eat, where it comes from, and how it’s farmed.


Majority of people here in the United States wont buy clothing, cars, housing material, supplies and other materialistic items from outside of the United States, yet we're more than comfortable to buy our food from third world countries where a health code is non-existent.


I set a goal to build this farm here in St. Charles, Illinois. I designed the best possible building marvel that will utilize all possible organic materials while operating with renewable fuel sources. The idea was to build the project like Mother Nature would have done it on her own. With the assistance of some 21st century engineering and equipment we are able to replicate and duplicate a natural habitat of each specific fish species. We can then enhance the environment by eliminating any and all biological pathogens harmful to fish by continuously filtering the water. Roof panels will have special reflectors built in to utilize sun and its UV rays to enrich the water even more. Water temperature will be kept at ideal range to keep fish active. Water flow will be changed and adjusted daily and hourly to provide better filtration post feeding but most of all to provide exercise for the fish and eliminate fatty tissues. All of the fecal matter will be filtered out and removed from the biological filters. The fecal matter will be processed down and converted into an organic fertilizer. I designed a farm that would generate zero emission. We will be one of the first self-sustained fish farms in the world.


Once more my business plan isn’t to produce fish and stockpile. Our fish will always and forever be alive and swimming until such time comes to harvest the fish. All fish will always be harvested to order, this way all customers can rest assured that their fish purchased from us is fresh. Post all processing all customers will have the ability to select whether or not they want their fish frozen or thawed.



This project was estimated to cost between $6,500,000-$7,000,000. The reason for the vast difference between the two amounts is due to the geographical location of the farm. Weather is what determines the price of labor, materials and supplies. The entire farm will take anywhere from 5 to 11 months to build, then it will take another 9 to 12 months to grow fish to market size. Working capital also had to be included in the overall amount necessary to hold before the project can begin construction. However I’m pleased to say that up to date (June 1, 2019) I have collected $5,500,000. All investors and contributors are good, hard working and honest people. Each investment was custom tailored to each investor, each investment isn’t the same as another. However they all share one common goal and that is they want to help us succeed. I’ve also secured a United States Federal Grant which is non-returnable, free money.


I’m here asking for your help. I need to raise anywhere between $675,000 more to finally break ground with our construction. I had a brief podcast interview with Gary Vaynerchuk who advised me to continue my work on obtaining funding because no one ever received any money lying in bed, he also suggest an idea of pre-sale. Tony Robbins agreed with the same idea of pre-selling, he said all the great well known billion dollar corporation operate on a pre-sale type organization. This is where my drive began to build this website. I wanted to develop a site to inform people of who we are and what we are trying to do as well as potentially gather outside funding. In order for this farm to succeed I have to maintain full control because cutting cost in farming in general to maximize profits will destroy productivity.


I put together several packages of (Rainbow Trout) in various weight sizes. These packages will be fulfilled on a first come first serve base. If you decide that you want to help, here is how this will work:


  1. You can contact us directly either via phone or email.

  2. You will fill out the contact information form that we will send to you via USPS or via email. A purchase refund contract will be enclosed.

  3. You will then select the package that you want to purchase.

  4. You will then sign the order and the refund contract. Then you can attach a personal check written out to Steelhead Springs LLC in the specified amount.

  5. Next you will mail all the forms with your check in a prepaid envelope back to us.

  6. At this time this will conclude your order process.

The contract that will accompany the order form that is simple to fill. If for some reason we do not achieve our financial goal in a reasonable amount of time, all orders will be canceled and all money will be returned to all customers.

When the construction begins all customers will receive a live webcam link to our farm. You as a customer will have the ability to navigate through our modern CCTV system to monitor the complete construction build outs, as well as farming process. You will be the only people allowed access to our CCTV system to monitor these activities. This is one of my ways of saying thank you. You will always be able to click on the link and see us in action.

At the end of the line once the fish are large enough to harvest the fulfillment process will begin. All customers will be contacted to verify information for shipping and delivery. This is also the time when we will have specific data for each customer to determine the shipping fees.

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